Tim Bohn

Teachers - French Immersion Science and Social Gr.7/8, Marine Bio Gr.7, Jr PE and Psychology

Course Area
Physical Education 8 & 9; Psychology 20; Sciences et √Čtudes Sociales 7 ; Sciences et √Čtudes Sociales 8 ; Marine Biology 7
About Me


This is my second year at EPC. I am super excited that we have moved into a grand, brand new school. 

I am Barrhead born and raised, and followed the French Immersion program there. I fell in love with the French language and absolutely enjoy sharing this love with my students.  

I obtained my teaching degree from the Campus Saint-Jean in Edmonton. I have taught every grade from Grade 3 to Grade 9. 

This summer I spent my time attending my roommate's wedding in Ottawa, visiting friends, working on my Aunt & Uncle's Food Truck in Kelowna and getting my motorcycle license. I am pumped to be sharing my love of Science and History with my students. 

Allons-y !