Jessica Kunnas

Teachers - Sr. Art, Painting, Esthetics

(780) 675-2285
Course Area
Sr. High Art, English 20-1, Drawing 15/25, Painting 15/25 and Esthetics
About Me

My name is Jessica Kunnas and I teach Art 10/20/30, Esthetics, English 20-1,  Drawing 15/25/35 (Introduction to Advanced Drawing) and Painting 15/25/35 (Introduction to Advanced Painting).  I have been a teacher at EPC since 2007.  When I am not teaching, I can be found chasing a toddler around, painting in acrylic and oil, binge-watching HGTV, reading, curling, skiing and other pursuits.  

I look forward to another year of helping to inspire students to achieve their best while encouraging creative expression whether through writing, makeup, or art.  I am excited for students to ease into the relaxed learning environments I've endeavoured to create, and to begin establishing a new, positive class climate.  I am hoping for a successful year for all while our school culture takes root in its new home.