John Traynor

Teachers - Sr KAE, CALM, Community Projects

Course Area
Knowledge & Employability 10/20/30-4 Occupations, Work Experience 15/25/35 Language Arts 7, Sr.High K&E English, Math, Science, and Social.
About Me

Hi, my name is Mr.Traynor, 

I have been a teacher at Edwin Parr High School for 22 years. I assist my students in finding jobs and career opportunities in and around the Town of Athabasca. This year, I will also be teaching grade 7 Language Arts, which will be an be excellent experience!  I enjoy sports, play guitar, and look forward to spending time with my family.

Please contact me at any time at E.P.C., and I look forward to meeting everyone at parent teacher night in Novemeber. Also, please contact me with any questions you may have at any time. Thank you!


Mr.John Traynor