Supply List






2019/20 Standard Supply List For Junior & Senior High Students

Good scientific calculator for grade 7/8/9

Graphing calculator for students taking Math 10C/ -1 or -2 streams; we recommend TI84 or TI83 or comparable calculator.  Good scientific calculator for students taking Math -3 stream. Please click here for more information regarding the calculators.



Geometry set

Head Phones – Junior High Students Only

Loose-leaf paper



Pencil Crayons

*** Chrome Book - We are a google school and do have chrome books in the school but if you can afford to buy your own we recommend you bring your own. ***

A second pair of ‘indoor’ shoes for gym

Gym clothes (shorts, sweats, T-shirts....) suitable for both warm and cooler weather

1 lock; combination style are favored. It is preferred that locks be purchased at the school.

Other course specific items will be discussed by individual teachers as needs arise.