Parent Letter April 3, 2020

April 3rd, 2020 UPDATE

Dear EPC families,

We hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and safe. Thank you again for your patience during this time.   We have started our journey into on-line learning education.   This will not be a straight path but one that has turns and bumps.   We are dedicated to supporting our students and families as we travel this road together and we are grateful for your patience as we learn together!

At any point, should you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher directly via email. Email addresses can be found on the school website or in PowerSchool.

Pick up/drop off of materials

In an attempt to minimize the amount of public traffic in the building, we will be making Mondays our day for people to pick up/drop off of materials.  

Parents/students can pick up/drop off schoolwork every Monday from 10:00am to 3:30pm. Our priority is keeping people safe and healthy. As such, we are only allowing one person into the school at a time and all materials will be ready in the front foyer.  During peak times like 10:00am, lunch hour and around 3:00pm there may be a wait to enter the school. Please follow the directions provided when you arrive – it will help to make the process smoother.

Completed work that is brought to the school will be collected and placed into a Rubbermaid container for 7 days. The following week, teachers will be able to collect and assess this returned work. This will create a delay in returned work being assessed. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to maintain the health of our staff and your families.

If you are not able to pick up or drop off material during this time period please call the school office to make an appointment. This will allow us to ensure that there is staff in the building to help support you, as the majority of our staff are working from home.


Assessing student learning will be one of the biggest challenges moving forward.  How do we adequately and fairly assess student learning when it is completed at home? EPC has developed a few guidelines to assist teachers with assessing learning in the digital environment. We would like to share these guidelines with you:


1.     Teachers are responsible for assessing a student’s progress, reporting on progress and assigning a final grade. 

2.    The primary focus should be on student learning and providing feedback to students on their learning.  There is room for both formative and summative assessment in our new reality. 


a.    Formative Assessment is designed to improve student learning by providing feedback on completed work.  Students can then use the feedback to improve future submissions.  Teachers use formative assessment to help determine how to proceed with their instruction.  All students will continue to have a blended focus of both formative and summative assessment moving forward.


b.    Summative Assessment is designed to assess what students have learned.  These may be your typical quizzes, test, projects, analytical paragraphs, essays and other types of written responses that occur at the end of sections to assess learning.  Tests and quizzes will be more challenging to deliver in the digital environment, but our teachers will do their best to make them fair and equitable.  All students will continue to have a blended focus of both formative and summative assessment moving forward. 


3.    Teachers are encouraged to try a variety of formative and summative assessment forms.   Alternative forms may include projects, discussions, video/audio submissions, conversations and analytical and reflective written responses.


4.    The teacher’s professional judgement will be used to determine a final grade. This judgement will be based off all the evidence collected throughout the year. 


5.    Do not hesitate to contact teachers to discuss assessment within their new digital classrooms.  


Buy Low Bucks

Until further notice our Buy Low fundraising program is being temporarily suspended.


Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony

At this time we have no new information about a graduation ceremony.   We are monitoring this on a weekly basis and will communicate further to families near the end of April.


We are very proud of our teachers as they adjust to a new delivery model of learning. They are working so hard to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible during these times. We are very appreciative of our students and their families for your patience and support as we work together to support student learning. We miss our students and look forward to when students can return to studies at the school. Until that time, stay safe and healthy!

Desmond Nolan, Principal


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