2021 Edwin Parr Graduation Ceremony

Group 1: 12:30 pm

Group 2: 1:30 pm

Group 3: 2:30 pm

Date:  Saturday, May 29, 2021

The administration of Edwin Parr and the grad committee understand that this has been a trying time for graduates and their families. It was our hope that by the time graduation came around for the 2021 class that society would be back to normal.  But as we all know things are not, and most likely will not be, by the time graduation occurs.  Because of this, the graduation committee along with EPC administration have decided on the following format:

● Graduates will be allowed two vehicles max (total of 10 people).This includes the graduate plus 9 guests.

● The two grad vehicles will stage in the south student parking lot and drive a designated route through the parking lot out to the back of the gymnasium where they will park. At that point the graduate and guests will exit their vehicles and enter the back door of the gymnasium.

● The guests must be masked, the graduate does not need to mask. The graduate will walk a specific route that leads them up onto the stage to receive their diploma, any awards they have won and a picture with Mr. Nolan.

● Guests in the gym will be directed to a designated area where they can watch and take pictures if they wish.

● Once the graduate walks off stage, their guests join them and together they exit the North west door of the gym. They are to get back into their vehicles and drive out the North bus entrance - there is to be no lingering.

The Valedictorian will be the first graduate to enter the gym and will give their speech. All other speeches will be recorded and posted online for people to watch.

Graduates will be divided into 3 separate groups alphabetically based on the number planning to attend. The first group will stage at 12:30 pm.  The first graduate drop off will be at 12:45 pm. The grad vehicles will follow the instructions of EPC staff who will be there to guide them.  The second group will stage at 1:30 pm and the drop off will begin at 1:45 and so on.

Important to note: the portion of graduation that takes place inside the gymnasium will be live streamed so people may watch via their devices in vehicles or at home. 

The only vehicles allowed on property for graduation will be the graduate vehicles - a limit of 2 vehicles per graduate (1 graduate plus 9 guests total).  We have to keep the number of vehicles to two to allow for adequate space.  When graduates exit the gym, it is important that everyone gets back into their vehicles quickly and leaves in order to allow room for the next graduates to park.

School protocols must be followed. The graduate family group must be wearing masks when entering the gym. The graduate will not have to as once they are in the gym they will be walking alone.  All participants and spectators must follow the AHS and Division guidelines.

Important to note that graduates must meet the EPC graduation requirements in order to attend graduation.  These are listed on the EPC website.

School phone number: 780-675-2285




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