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As you probably know there's plenty of free money out there for students wishing to go to post-secondary institutions. So how do you get scholarships? Well, simply put each scholarship you find a scholarship and apply... each has it's own criteria and; that criteria is not always based on academic or athletic acheivement. Throughout the year scholarship information will be announced to students during morning announcements, there will also be posts on the website. The unfortunate thing is that there's about as many scholarships as there are stars in the sky. So where do you begin to look? There are many links to scholarships posted below.

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Metis and Non-Status Scholarships

ATCO Pipelines and ATCO Gas invest in the communities and surrounding areas where we own and operate pipeline facilities and natural gas distribution systems. We are excited to announce that our Indigenous Education Awards program will be continuing for a sixth year in order to encourage and reward students for their dedication to learning. Since the program began in 2011, 132 awards have been presented.

This annual program is aimed at supporting students originating from Indigenous communities within 50 kilometres of our pipelines and facilities. We are seeking your assistance in promoting the program and encouraging students you interact with to apply.

Overall, there are three different levels and multiple awards available to students throughout Alberta: Merit Awards of $500 for high school students; Bursaries of $1000 for trades, community, or technical college diploma or certificate students; and Scholarships of $1,500 for university or graduate degree students.

These will be awarded to select students who demonstrate leadership capabilities and strive to be role models in their schools and communities. In 2015, 28 students from 13 different communities received awards.

In order to be considered for the program, students must:

  • Complete an application form 

  • Obtain a reference letter

  • Provide a short essay (minimum 250 words)

  • Provide proof of enrollment in the upcoming semester

  • Submit official transcripts

    The deadline for application submissions is August 1 and notifications will be made to successful applicants by November 15. I have enclosed a copy of the application form and poster for your use. For the full program details, please visit our website: