4 University Drive
Athabasca, AB   T9S 0A3
Phone: 780-675-2285
Fax: 780-675-3544

Edwin Parr Fast Facts

  • Opened in 1949
  • EPC currently has 600 students from Grades 8 to 12
  • Offers great athletic and drama programs
  • Food for Thought breakfast program

Staff List

Nolan, Desmond - Principal
Liddell, Brenna - Assistant Principal
Morrison, Sean - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistants
Douglas, Tammi
Gabourie, Paula
Padlewski, Karen
Speers, Angie - Business Manager
Support Staff
Doole, Vanessa - Librarian, Virtual Supervisor
Schmidtke, Dianne - Career Counsellor
Swan, Alma - FNMI Family School Liaison
Borgen, Jenifer - School Therapist
Passmore, Alissa - Counsellor
Anderson, Rhonda - Sr. High English, Cosmo, Film Appreciation
Asfeldt, Henrik - Physics 20/30 and Bio 20
Backs, Alyssa - Jr LA and Outdoor Ed
Bay, Ron - Jr Math
Beach, John - Sr Math
Beckett, Suzanne
Benham, Margaret - Jr. LA and FLA
Bennett, Kerstin - Jr and Sr Science and Social and Science 14
Bittorf, Taylor - Calm and Diversity
Bohn, Tim - French Immersion Science and Social Gr.7/8, Marine Bio Gr.7, Jr PE and Psychology
Byers, Colin - Drama, Robotics, Photography
Cielen, Krystal - Special Needs Lead, Sci 7
Dierker, Camela - Jr Math and Science 20
Faulkner, Jeremy - Welding, Mechanics
Finney, Glen - Jr/Sr Music
Gray, Scott - Chemistry 20/30, Paleontology,Health Care Foundation and Science 10
Gyte, Lance - Jr Math and Jr.PE
Hardy, Kayla - Jr/Sr PE
Heffernan, Colleen - Jr LA and Gr 7 Genius Hour
Hicks, Wade - Jr/Sr PE, Sport Fitness and Sports Nutrition
Jalbert, Rebekah - Jr/Sr Social and Science, Outdoor Ed
Kerr, Robert - Jr/Sr PE and Outdoor Ed
Kunnas, Jessica - Sr. Art, Painting, Esthetics
Ledieu, Megan - Foods, English 10-1,Dance, Personal Fitness
Lemessurier, Chad - Jr Science and Social
Leriger, Stacey - Jr. KAE and Jr Cosmo
Liddell, Brenna - Social 7, Speech
Mancuso, Laura - English 10-2, 20-1,20-2 and Italian 10/20
Morrison, Sean - Jr. PE
Pahl, Eziah - Construction
Potts, Brian - Jr LA, Travel and Tourism
Rudyk, Allison - Jr French Immersion Science Social and Math, Gr 9 Video Tech
Sawchuk, Denny - Sr Social, Drama 7
Traynor, John - Work Experience, Math 10/20-4, English 10/20/30-4
White, Jason - Social 20-1, 20-2, 30-1/Math 7 and History through Film
Zinnick, Lee - Math 10C, 20-1, 30-1, Robotics Gr 8/9